Damage Waiver Coverage

This will waive the lessee’s right to recover the loss resulting from collision, upset, fire, windstorm, riot, vandalism, malicious mischief, civil commotion, and other types of similar losses EXCLUDING DAMAGE DUE TO CUSTOMER NEGLECT OR MISUSE. Theft, vandalism, and malicious mischief are covered when the lessee furnishes a police report within 24 hours of loss, showing forced entry. Breakage will be covered only when broken pieces are returned and a copy of the police report is provided.

BREAKAGE: All equipment will be covered with the return of broken items and/or a police report. LINENS (not including sub-rentals): Stains, burns, and tears will be covered with the return of linens. (Exception: When using linen for outside events, it is suggested you opt for the next size smaller linen so as not to stain or tear the bottom. If you choose the “Floor” length linen and damage is incurred, DWC will NOT cover repair/replacement of the linen. Also, take precautions when using candles. Always use a holder or candle plate under any candle being used. Wax spots are NOT covered.) TENTS: All physical damage to tents due to hail, rain, windstorm, etc. will be covered. THEFT: Theft, malicious mischief, etc. as described above will be covered upon furnishing KCH Rental with a police report.

Shortages (No evidence of theft) Abuse Neglect to take reasonable precautions to protect property. Mysterious disappearance and theft by persons entrusted with the equipment. Stain due to using colored material or crepe paper in contact with tents. Wax on linens due to the use of candles without protective covering between the candle and linen. Sub-rented linens will not be covered. Customer will have to pay 3xs rental cost for replacement. DWC is 10% of rental order BEFORE tax. Please DECLINE or ACCEPT DWC, if you accept, you will be covered with EVERY ORDER. If you decline, you will not be covered on any order.