Delivery Hours - Regular Delivery and Pick Up is from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm, Monday through Sunday. 


A standard delivery charge is based on the total amount of the rental (see table below). However, delivery rates may increase depending on the distance from our warehouse to the venue or the difficulty of the delivery. The standard rate includes basic round trip delivery and pick up from a loading dock, garage, or carport. If the delivery includes traversing steps, an elevator, or a reasonable walk from where we can park our delivery vehicle, there is an additional fee. A $150 additional delivery charge in a place with stairs and extra $150 for elevator, difficult access, or a long/excessive walk. Rates also increase as distance from our warehouse increases. Delivery fees include a four-hour window of time in which to deliver and pick up during normal business hours. For same-day deliveries (the order is placed on the day of the requested delivery), the delivery price will be doubled. Late-night deliveries/pick-ups are available at an additional charge. Night pick-ups from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. are $150 or 10% of the rental total, whichever is greater. Pick-ups taking place after 11 p.m. will be charged $250 or 10% of the rental total, whichever is greater. After-hours pick-up fees are in addition to the standard delivery fee. 

All equipment is delivered and stacked neatly at the customers requested event location. All equipment should be broken down and stacked exactly where it was delivered unless different arrangements are made. Additional charges will apply if the equipment is not broken down and stacked neatly. All dinner wear, flatware, and glasses should be returned to the crates they were delivered in. They should all be scrapped and rinsed free of any food or debris. Additional charges will apply if items are returned dirty. All equipment must be accounted for when picked up. Additional charges will apply for any missing equipment.

Clients need to have the area ready/clean to place the rental items, our staff is not allowed to move anything. If your area is not ready, we will leave the rentals at the entry of the venue. Someone must be available to receive the delivery. If no one is available, please call 24 hours before your delivery with instructions as to where the rentals are to be left. However, there must be a secure place for the rental items that is shielded from possible inclement weather and easily accessible to our crew. If no one is available to accept the rentals and we have no instructions, it will cause a delay and an Extra Delivery Charge to you for rescheduling a truck. 

Please note:  We do not provide exact times for delivery.  A time frame will be given to allow for unforeseen situations that may arise on earlier deliveries and/ or weather.  We appreciate your understanding.

Delivery charges are 20 miles from our location in Capitol Heights, MD. If your location is more than 20 miles, additional delivery charge will be applied.

Delivery fee for Rentals starts at $120.

Set Up & Tear Down

Set up and tear down service is available at 15% of the rental total. Arrangements must be made in advance. If set up and teardown are in different rooms, please add $100 per room (Not for houses). These arrangements must be made prior to delivery on a case-by-case basis if time and labor permit. A site plan must also be provided if you wish for us to set up tables, chairs, and/or tents. Set-up of any other item is not available. We are not responsible for damages to underground cabling and/or utilities including irrigation systems. 

Pick Up

You may pick up and drop off your rentals during business hours. Any work outside of normal delivery hours is subject to after hour fees.  Customer pickups give you the opportunity to pick up your rental items and then return them to us after your rental. In exchange for us delivering your rental we will allow you to have your rental for up to 3 days = for the same price as a 1-day rental for our delivered items.

On the day of your rental, you come to our warehouse in Capitol Heights, MD and pick up your rented items. We will provide you the exact address prior to pick-up date. We will need a copy of your ID (front and back) and car plate number. Our staff will walk you through how to set everything up and operate all your items safely. We will also discuss how to package the item so you can safely and easily transport it back to us. We will also answer any questions you may have. After that, we will send you on your way and you get to enjoy the items for up to 3 days! At the end of your rental period, you bring your items back and we run you through the return process and get you on your way. Most of our pickup customers pick up their items on Saturday and return them on Monday. This gives them the entire weekend to enjoy the fun with their family and friends. We do recommend that you bring a truck or SUV to transport our items, but we can also load them on a trailer for you if you choose to use one. Just be sure that the vehicle you will be using has the capacity to haul the items you will be renting. Our staff will not tie any tables or other rental items to the tops of vehicles for safety and liability reasons.

Pick your items up on the first day of your rental and return them on the last day. There is a $199 fee for late Pick Up or Same Day Pick Up.

General Information for All Rentals

All our rental items (customer pickups and those we deliver) go through the same cleaning process. We clean and sanitize items after each rental to be sure you get a safe item. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your guests are having fun using equipment that is clean, safe, and sanitized. Responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from time of receipt until time of return. Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use and always protected from the weather. The customer will be charged the replacement cost for damaged or missing items, including boxes, crates, and carts.

Additionally, to provide a worry-free rental, we offer an OPTIONAL Damage Waiver of 10% of the rental amount. The damage waiver protects the customer from the unforeseen cost of repairing accidental damage to equipment. The Damage waiver is automatically calculated into the rental invoice. It is nonrefundable. With acceptance of the Damage Waiver, the customer will not be required to pay any and all expenses of the damaged equipment up to the cost of such equipment if purchased new.  The Damage Waiver DOES NOT cover loss or damage due to theft, misuse or abuse, unexplained loss, theft by conversion, unsecured equipment, or any loss due to the customer failing to care for the rental items with disregard to common sense care of such equipment. All items damaged or broken must be returned and covered under damage waiver. Missing items will not be covered.