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Bolad Catering Services

Are you unable to find a good African eatery in your neighborhood? Look no more. Bolad Catering Services serves Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and surrounding states the authentic flavors of African and Caribbean food. Try our selection of Efo Elegusi, Puff-Puff, Plantain, or Jerk Chicken or our signature Jollof Rice with your choice of protein. We stick to traditional preparation methods, using imported seasonings and spices that only add to the authentic flavor. We offer superior quality catering for all types of events: weddings, showers, graduations, birthday parties, office parties, etc. We can customize your entire experience, from plated to weekly food service. We can accommodate the dietary needs of you and your guests and provide delivery, setup, and cleanup services. Serving styles offered include:

  • Plated
  • Hors d'oeuvres
  • Stations
  • Family style
  • Buffet

We have impressed past clients with both great-tasting cuisine and spectacular presentation. Alongside our incomparable cuisine, we provide must-haves like stainless and wire chafing dishes, plates, utensils, etc. So be sure to book Bolad Catering Services for your next craving or event.

Contact Info:
Phone: 301-346-0841

Art. Play. Learn.

Art Play Learn provides a universally inclusive environment for people of all ages, levels, backgrounds, demographics and abilities to learn, create, play and socialize together. Whether you are looking for support, enrichment, challenge or a place to gather, Art Play Learn has an opportunity for you to reach your goal. Our learning programs create a customized curriculum for each group of students. Play-based, project-based integration strategies include students in the learning process, engaging and motivating them. Homeschool tutorials are multi-subject meetings for Prekindergarten through High School that last for 3-5 hours and can be taken once or twice per week. Individual subject classes meet weekly for 30-90 minutes depending on the age-group, subject matter and delivery method (in-person or Zoom). Clubs provide opportunities for like-minded people to gather and explore their interests while making new friends. Events bring our community together. Need a place to host your event, party or gathering? Our center offers a range of spaces to accommodate most needs, including:
  • small meetings and one-to-one tutoring or therapy, 
  • larger off-site meetings and trainings, 
  • art exhibits, 
  • birthday parties, 
  • bridal/baby showers, 
  • small weddings, 
  • Open Mic Nights, 
  • auditions, rehearsals, and theatrical performances/filming/photo sessions, 
  • pop-up shops, 
  • conferences, 
  • Expos, and more. 
If you have an idea, we have the space. 
Contact Info:
Phone: 917-208-5096